How to Choose the Best Structured Cabling System for Your Office

Most business owners don’t know the first thing about how the communications in their office building work. Whereas your connectivity at home is accomplished simply enough by jacking your phone into the wall and having a technician install your DSL or cable modem, the process is far more complex when you need separate phone lines and computer connectivity for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees in a single building.

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Workplace Cameras and Surveillance

Many employers use cameras and video surveillance in the workplace, often to prevent theft or to monitor what employees are actually doing while on the clock. As long as the company has a legitimate need to film, the areas under surveillance are public, and employees know about the filming, these practices are likely to be upheld by a court. Because filming can implicate privacy rights, however, employers must be very careful not to cross the line.

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Get ready for the future with High Speed Data Transport

As data center convergence becomes more commonplace, so do the demands placed on the physical infrastructure. Whether you’re trying to increase your network’s throughput, reduce latency or enable improved Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Panduit High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) systems can help.

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NEC Unified Communications

So what is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications empowers you with the ultimate communications tool by converging and integrating all forms of communications, networks, systems and business applications – on any device in any location. Resulting in improved productivity and efficiency by enabling you to communicate effectively.

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SIP Information

Using SIP

Function and Capability:

Internet telephony, broadband telephony, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, broadband phone and Voice over Broadband (VoBB) are terms collectively known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP refers to a group of several technologies and methods, rather than one particular protocol. VoIP traffic over the Internet is expected to grow over the next decade, as more and more businesses, organizations, and households swtich from traditional telephone service (PSTN).

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