A G Schilling & Co

  • Installed a network security camera connected to a DVR

  • Able to easily control the PTZ camera from a PC or Ipad

  • Camera positioned to view the whole site from above

At the large and busy A G Schilling & Co grain processing plant, Yorke Communications was consulted and engaged to install a security cameras to monitor and record yard activity.

The solution achieved was practical and economical with the installation of a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) IP network camera mounted  high on the tower above the high sheds.  The vantage point aptly suited to processing power and zoom capabilities of the camera for a rich and detailed picture that can view the whole of the working site.

For management assurance, all video is constantly operational and recorded to DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for historical playback by time and date stamp.

Importantly, management can control the camera at anytime by using a designated PC or their smartphone or tablet (e.g Ipad).  For the mobile devices, they have the added benefit of viewing the live feed offsite as long as they have 3G and/or an internet connection.