Newbery Chemists

  • Installed full networking infrastructure

  • Data network hardware connected POS, Phones, PCs, Printers and Fax

  • Scheduled work to complement the timing of retail renovations



For the popular Wallaroo pharmacy of Newbery Chemist, Yorke Communications were onsite during the shop renovations for a full rollout and termination CAT6 data cable to numerous data points.   For the management of Newbery Chemists, it was imperative that all cables be invisible throughout the shop and into the new Point-of-Sale counters.

From the central data cabinet secured in the back of office, all digital assets and managed and patched for full and reliable connectivity between the POS, PCs, internet, printers and fax.

Yorke Communications was flexible and timely to perform a thorough job with the builder and other trades to ensure the renovation progressed smoothly.