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Using SIP

Function and Capability:

Internet telephony, broadband telephony, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, broadband phone and Voice over Broadband (VoBB) are terms collectively known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP refers to a group of several technologies and methods, rather than one particular protocol. VoIP traffic over the Internet is expected to grow over the next decade, as more and more businesses, organizations, and households swtich from traditional telephone service (PSTN).

The both voice telelphone and video phone communications are facilitated by the introduction of Session Initiation Protocol. The SIP is responsible for creating and breaking the links of communication needed to establish and terminate VoIP sessions.

The Role of SIP in Internet Communication and VoIP

The working of SIP is as same as that of HTTP and for the complete and successful transactions of calls across Internet, SIP requires a complete address to send the signals in the form of data packets or receive these data packet signals that contain the codes of communications.

By the expendable technology of Session Internet Protocol, every call can be set-up, terminated and set on hold by the respective dialer and receiver. SIP techniques allow the subjects to not only just control the creation and breaking of communications but also the audio codec that encode and decode the speeches and audio streams into digital audio signals. These signals are then carried across the internet through Session Initiation Protocol making the voice and video interactions possible.

The capabilities of SIP depend upon the bandwidth of technological appliances that are being used. Transmission of VoIP can also be made between networks by using other protocols like Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Real Time Transport Protocol (RTTP), and Session Description Protocol (SDP), to name a few.

For ordinary consumer and small business purposes, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is preferred to all others because it does not consume much storage and requires a very small amount of bandwidth to transmit huge amount of data across the Internet. VoIP using Session Initiation Protocol is also very affordable, making it very attractive to consumers as well as businesses.